Bridget Whelan

This is a blog for people who prefer slow cookers to fast foods and watching sunsets to driving in the fast lane. It’s for curious, interesting people who want to get the most out of absolutely everything, except white water rafting. Probably.

I’ve always done things at a gentle pace from housework to finishing my second novel (don’t ask). Now arthritis forces me to take things gently, but that doesn’t mean opting out or giving up or slowing down. (Well, yes, ok it does mean going slower, but an interesting life has nothing to do with speed.)

So, welcome gentle reader to a blog about travel, and things to do with the way we live now or the way we once lived.

You probably want to know a bit about me:
I’m a London Irish writer living in Brighton, on England’s south coast. I’m a journalist and a fiction writer and I’ve taught how to make things up at every level from university to community classes for absolute beginners. I’ve also written a book on the subject: Back to Creative Writing School

I am currently chair of Beach Hut Writing Academy, a co-operative of professional writers offering exciting, affordable courses, workshops and conferences. You can find out more about us HERE.

Posts from my other blog which focuses on writers and writing appear in the column on the right, but you can see it in all its glory if you cick HERE

This is me (soft light, full make up, kind webcam).


This is also me (running a workshop at the Write by the Beach Conference March 2016)

Bridget Whelan BHWA Conference

And this is me too. Yay! Drawn on a good hair day by very talented and observant granddaughter – note big smile and even bigger crutch (now no longer needed. I’ve graduated to a sparkly red walking stick.)



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