If you can put Phd after your name you’re needed for a new international fellowship

Global Vision International (GVI) is a leading international volunteering and internships organisation. It provides opportunities for students and under 18s but it is now launching new Fellowships for candidates with a PHD or equivalent and above.

Requirements for the Development Fellows:

1. Must be currently affiliated with a Research 1 institution or Top 100 ranked global university (according to):
Times Higher Education:
Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU):
QS World University Rankings:

2. Must be a PhD or hold an equivalent degree
3. Must be fluent in the English language
4. Have a proven:
– Collaborative approach to research and paper writing
– Passion for field research and data analysis
– Commitment to community development and / or conservation
– Respect of other cultures and people of diverse backgrounds
– Ability to work effectively in the field in basic and challenging conditions
– Ability to inspire students to engage in related research and / or relevant careers

Consideration will also be given to candidates from, or affiliated to institutions in, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Greece, South Africa, Seychelles, Nepal, India, Thailand, Laos or Fiji.

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