An Irish House-Shaped Dream – with a small price tag

Just found Killasanowel cottage on the The Irish Post website. Surrounded by farmland, it sits on a 1.7 acre site and has  two bedrooms and what’s described as a central room, which you can see in the picture below. So, there’s nothing that most of us would call a bathroom or kitchen. However,  it can be extended by 40 meters squared to the back without the need for planning permission and there are a few ramshackle outbuildings that could be turned into a workshop or  garage.
I mention all this because it is up for auction online starting this Sunday at noon and ending on Tuesday with a minimum guide price of €25,000 – around £22,000. That’s not a mortgage: that’s a big credit card bill (not that I’m suggesting that’s the way to finance the purchase).

Where is it? I hear you asking. Well, it’s in lovely Leitrim, the Irish county with the smallest population. The village is Drumsna where the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope lived for awhile. It sounds peaceful without being an isolated bally-back-of-beyond backwater. The main Dublin road once ran through it but there’s now a by-pass which I imagine is a good thing. The fact it’s on the river Shannon is a real plus and Wikipedia calls it an angler’s paradise.  It’s only 7km from Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim’s largest town which has a population of around 4,000.

I’m almost selling this place to myself. Back before 2007 when the Celtic Tiger was still alive, I saw an advert for ‘a house-shaped pile of stones’ in a remote area for a lot more than this place.


I wonder if if it has electricity and mains sewerage (probably yes to the first and it’s probably no for the second).  I wonder what you could do with 1.7 acres. I wonder if you can walk to the river.

And I wonder what dreams the new owners will have. You can follow the auction (and even bid for it if you have a mind) and see more pictures HERE.

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