Dundee is the hot destination for “adventurous sophisticates…and deep-pocketed beach bums”

So says The Wall Street Journal,  ranking it alongside Shanghai, Madagascar and the Faroe Islands as one of the places to travel to in 2018.

It writes: “A coastal college town, Dundee has emerged as Scotland’s coolest city (see the old public library turned underground club). In 2018 the V&A Museum of Design will debut as the centrepiece of a $1.5 billion transformation of the faded riverfront.”


The Wall Street Journal is said to be America’s most widely-read newspaper and their digital edition reaches a global audience of 42.4 million readers per month.

 The 10 ‘hot destinations’ named by The Wall Street Journal are:

 1.    Faroe Islands

2.    Puebla, Mexico

3.    Kuelap, Peru

4.    Minneapolis

5.    Dundee, Scotland

6.    Grenada

7.    Madagascar

8.    Montenegro

9.    Shanghai

10.  La Rioja, Spain

I can tick off…none of them.  I met a wonderful travel writer from Minneapolis, studied with a guy from Grenada, son went to Madagascar (and loved it), once stayed in a place about a two hour train journey from Puebla, visited Edinburgh three times and Spanish red wine is my number one favourite…
I need to look up Montenegro on a map and I know absolutely nothing about the Faroe Islands other than the romance of the name and the fact that they are surrounded by water.

Must do better!

The Wall Street Journal article can be found here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/where-to-travel-in-2018-from-madagascar-to-scotlands-coolest-city-1508859864



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