Jazz before Jazz was Jazz – a celebration of 100 years of recorded jazz

Jazz was first recorded in 1917 but its foundations were built on the slave songs of American plantations, the polyrhythms of Africa and the classical music of Europe. The story of the way jazz became Jazz is being celebrated later this month in one of London’s hidden architectural gems.
Two Temple Place
This is a one-off event that combines performances with talks and interactive workshops on Sunday November 12th. From 4pm until late, performers and speakers such as Sandy Burnett, Marcus Bonfanti, Joplin Parnell will join University of Liverpool musicologist, Catherine Tackley and members of the Kansas Smitty’s House Band in the spectacular surroundings of Two Temple Place. This is a glorious neo-Gothic mansion sited between The Strand and the River Thames.

All this and the chance to sip a julep while tucking into Deep South street food...Tickets are priced from £15 and are available online https://billetto.co.uk/e/jazz

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