September Birthday? Count yourself lucky, very lucky…

More people in the UK are born on September 26 than any other day.

According to Clintons – the birthday card people – data suggests that a baby is born in the UK on average every 45 seconds during September, peaking on the 26th.  In quieter months, including January, the figure drops to one born every one minute and six seconds.  Christmas and Boxing Day are also quiet days for births.

You don’t have to be a genius to work out why September is so popular….go back nine months and hey! it’s Christmas. However, parents thinking about the future might also plan for their baby to be born at the start of the academic year. It’s long been known that summer-born children suffer a significant disadvantage at school.

A 2013 Institute of Education study in London revealed that September-born children are almost three times as likely to be in the top stream as their August-born classmates.

And the same story is repeated in schools throughout the world. According to a 2006 report in The Quartherly Journal of Economics being the oldest or youngest in a class has a long-lasting effect on student performance across OECD countries (that’s USA, Canada and 18 European countries). Data from Canada and the United States show that the youngest members of a class are less likely to attend university. And less likely to go to university means less likely to be in a high-paying job and so it goes on.

So, if your birthday falls in September count yourself lucky.  And anyone born in August, well just look at what you’ve achieved against the odds.

Amongst the famous people born on September 26th are James Blake, Olivia Newton-John, Bryan Ferry, George Gershwin, Serena Williams,  Mark Haddon, Will Self  and TS Eliot…

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