Collecting Bad Art — Museums that are out of the ordinary

Since 1994, the Museum of Bad Art has one mission: to bring the worst of art to the widest audience.

MOBA maintains a website as well as free to enter bricks-and-mortar galleries in Boston, Massachusetts. They have about 600 pieces in the collection (so they are selective), but because of limited exhibition space, they only show 50 to 70 at a time.

Bad Art Eileen

This portrait is called Eileen and was found in a garbage bin. What you can’t see is that the canvas had been slashed by a knife prompting many questions in the mind of the viewer: why? when? why not?  It was lost for a number of years and MOBA offered a reward of $6.50  — the top price ever paid for a work of art in the permanent collection.


Bought at a Bostion thrift store, this still life is titled No Visable Means of Support.

Every few years, the Museum organises a charity fund-raiser  where the centerpiece is an auction of “not bad enough” paintings and sculpture that have been rejected by MOBA. At the last charity auction, the museum raised $1902.59.

You can view most of the current collection and buy a t-shirt on the museum website.

I’ve just enrolled in a beginner’s oil painting course, so…

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