Three amazing sofas for the garden – and they all have tons of wow! factor

Mid August may not be the ideal time to think about buying garden furniture, but I fell in love with a lump of concrete and I just had to share it with you. But what a lump…Yes, every quirky, well-worn detail of this classic three-seater Chesterfield sofa is concrete.
On the market with London company Rockett St George, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Can you imagine it in a conservatory with cushions and throws? I fear it might be a health hazard as unwary visitors could fling themselves on it before you have a chance to shriek a warning. I would love it in the garden with a yellow climbing rose dangling over the arm.
The cost is £5,950.00 and I am not going to have it anywhere, but I admire the imagination of the people who made it.

concrete chesterfield arm


Not on the High Street are selling a set of outdoor furniture that makes you feel as though you’re sitting on freshly cut lawn.

The artificial grass sofa is hand-crafted and easy to look after as rainwater does the majority of the maintenance. It can be left outside, uncovered and untreated 365 days of the year. The four seater sofa costs £1100 and the two seater is £900


TOKYO POP SOFA is marketed by Made in Design  It’s part of an innovating collection that includes a sofa, armchair, lounge chair, tables and stools, all designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, a young creator and “author of poetic structures”

This wonderful shape was originally a paper prototype, copying the human body, which was then made in moulded polyethylene. The technique allows complex hollow forms to be created and, although I’ve never sat on one, I’m willing to bet it’s comfortable.

pop sofa

Like the Chetserfield, it’s designed to be used inside and outside and the cost is £802.80 which makes it the cheapest of the three.

If money couldn’t influence your decision and you do have a garden in need of a sofa, which would you choose?


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