What do you call songwriters? Poets with music in their pen

I’ve been writing about singer/songwriter Christy Moore over on my sister blog. He is playing in Worthing for one night only on Monday September 11. I’ve just checked and there are still some tickets left. You can book HERE. I’m going…


“… when you’re talking about the music of a country, you’re talking more or less about the soundtrack of a country, the soundtrack by which people’s lives are lived,”

Tyehimba Jess
American poet and Pulizer Prize winner


When I read this quote I immediately thought of Christy Moore, a song writer who has been writing Ireland’s bitter-sweet soundtrack for half a century.  And Jess has nailed a crucial difference between song lyrics and poetry – perhaps the only real difference.

Although both art forms are meant to live off the page and come alive through the medium of a human voice, only lyrics are wedded to music. You can read a poem to yourself in your head. You can’t sing a song without opening your mouth and letting the sound out…or better still (much better in my case) listen to someone with a gift for singing.

I will be listening…

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