Brighton Buzzes this weekend with Pride

Once a year Brighton erupts in an extravanance of colour and glorious good feeling. Pride is vibrant and noisy and over the top in the best possible way. Shops compete with one another in their displays – the Co-Op funeral parlour always puts on a good show – and this year Brighton & Hove buses are celebrating Pride in an original way. They have commissioned artists Art+Believe – famous for bringing to life communal spaces – to work their magic on the Old Steine bus shelter directly in front of Brighton’s inconic Pavilion.

Graphic artist Daniel Doherty of Art+Believe said:

“We’ve never done a bus shelter before and to have the Pavilion as a backdrop has just been amazing. It’s not a typical shelter: it’s more like a small, beautiful building with curves and shapes. It’s actually a complicated space because it can be seen from everywhere and from every viewpoint.”


Dan and his wife Charlotte and colleague James Prideaux worked on the project over a couple of weeks after evaluating the space and shape for the design and pattern.

The beautiful artwork will only be on the shelter for one month and to celebrate Brighton & Hove buses are giving away 1 week of free travel,  each week throughout the month. To enter you have snap a selfie in front of the colourful shelter. Upload your selfie on to B&H BussesInstagram using the hashtag #PrideBusStop.

Closing date – 9am Friday 25 August

They also have a bonus challenge running offering a chance to win a Corgi limited edition model of the popular beach bus on the 1 route to Mile Oak. The first person to snap a selfie in front of the Pride Bus Stop AND grab a selfie on board the Beach Bus will be the proud owner of the model Beach Bus.
Upload your Beach Bus selfie to our Instagram using the hashtag #CorgiBeachBus.
Read all the terms and conditions on Brighton and Hove website and you can also check out how Saturday’s festival will impact on bus services

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