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When I posted information about a nationwide scheme to collect unwanted paint and give it away free, there was some raised eyebrows from Brighton readers when they discovered the city wasn’t on the list of 75 projects.

Why not? After all…
SKIP HIRE UK suggested in 2016 that Brighton could be the most environmentally-friendly city in the country.

“… seems to be doing everything in its power to reach the EU’s fairly stringent recycling standards by 2020.”

In the same year Brighton came 4th in The Guardian’s list of 10 Happiest Places to work in the UK

In 2014 THE ARGUS reported that Brighton was the best city in Europe for clean and sustainable transport.

And in 2012 Forums for The Future named Brighton the greenest city in the UK

… the best overall in terms of quality of life, environmental impact and its localised green plans for the future.

So, why doesn’t Brighton have a paint scheme for people and groups?

The short answer is that it does – it’s just not currently listed on Community Repaint’s website. Nor was it that easy to find on the council’s own website, so here are the details.

The community paint reuse scheme allows communities, charities, pensioners, students and people on income support to take paint away for free from the YMCA reuse shop at the Hove Recycling Centre. This scheme is run in partnership with the YMCA and Community RePaint.

If you are a community group or charity and are looking to paint a mural or spruce up a shared space with a new lick of paint contact the YMCA reuse shop directly on (01273) 321660. They can then check how much paint we have available. Community reuse signs and paint at the recycling centre

They are always looking for new leftover paint which  can be reused. Simply drop off your tins in the signed area by the reuse shop. (See above.)

That’s a happy ending and the moral of the story is if your area is not listed on the Community Repaint website ask questions. There might well be a scheme very near you and, if there isn’t, there should be

2 thoughts on “BRIGHTON free paint

  1. Hi Bridget, thanks for following your article up with this useful information. I looked on Community Repaint and was shocked there isn’t a collection point in Brighton. Now I know – just down the road.
    Valerie x


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