Free paint for community groups and individuals

I’ve been looking at a lot of paint charts recently trying to decide on shades of grey for my hall (oh, the agonies of choosing between pewter, smoke or dead sea lion). Paint is expensive, and I don’t want to make a mistake. I have in the past – buying the wrong colour or simply over estimating how much I need. I’m not alone. We waste about 50 million litres every year in the UK. And over half is still usable.

I was really interested to discover that COMMUNITY REPAINT is working to collect that surplus and give it to people and groups who can make good use of it. It is a countrywide network of over 75 schemes.

Who can get paint from Community RePaint schemes?

Paint is distributed to low income families and individuals and a whole range of community groups such as sports clubs, amateur theatre groups, arts groups and housing associations. Most schemes make a small charge of up to £2 per litre, which contributes towards the scheme becoming sustainable.

Donate your leftover paint

Get it out of the garage and the cupboard underneath the sink…The paint must be in its original container, but it can up to 10 years old and there are not just looking for unopened cans because as long as there is at least a third left, COMMUNITY REPAINT can accept it.




I found out about Community Repaint on LottyEarns, a website run by a personal finance journalist with a keen eye for a good deal.



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