An extraordinary restaurant in the Canary Islands I’d love to see


Saying you’ve never been to the Canary Islands is a bit like saying you’ve never seen The Sound of Music and I can hold up my hand to both statements. I haven’t gone out of my way to avoid either the film or the string of volcanic islands off the the coast of North Africa, but they’ve never really been a temptation.

As an Irish redhead (second generation, but the genes don’t fade)  beach holidays don’t agree with me. Friends tell me that there is more to the Canaries than sun bathing on the famous black and white sand, but the call of other places has always been stronger. However, I’ve just heard about a hotel restaraunt on Tenerife that is very tempting.

La Cúpula is already considered one of the island’s finest restaurants apparently and the chef has been awarded ‘Best Chef in the Canary Islands’ by ¡Qué Bueno! Canarias Heineken. The restaurant is part of the 5* Hotel Jardines de Nivaria,  in the Playa Fañabé area of Costa Adeje and if the owners pay as much attention to the food as they do the decor, than the place would be a highlight of any holiday.

You dine under an explosion of colour depicting the moment when the largest star in the universe dies, not with whimper, but with a bang. The ceiling has been transformed into a supernova by a firm of architects working with a firm of interior designers so it must be as mind-boggling as the photograph suggests.

ceiling La Cupula

Do let me know what you think of the Canary Islands. Is it suitable for the sun-lounger adverse? Is it a redhead-free zone? And if you visit La Cúpula were you star-struck?

 Find out more on the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria website.


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