What to do in a city that is home to the third largest Art Festival in the world? In May there is music, drama, comedy, literature and art in almost every street and down almost every twitten in Brighton.  It feels as though every space in the centre that holds more than five people is hosting an event… so what to choose?

How about a journey into the Sussex woodland at night in a secret location. For the Birds offers visitors a magical trail of ingenious installations of light, sound and moving sculpture inspired by the world of birds – whether it’s the iconic robin, the chip-thieving gull, or blackbirds baked in a pie. You are taken there by the Big Lemon bus service from central Brighton or Hollingbury on the northern outskirts of the city.

Originally staged at RSPB Ynys-hir reserve in Wales, For the Birds went on to be the highlight of the 2016 New Zealand Festival and it’s the event I’ve heard most people talk about here in Brighton.  I haven’t been yet but I’ve chosen to highlight it because there are still some tickets left, although you may find that your personal tour will start after 11 pm…

More information HERE. I hope I’ve still got time to get myself a ticket, but I am definitely going to a circus in a cemetery next week. Hey! It’s the festival – when something like that is on offer, you just have to say yes.

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