Design: Bathrooms and the things that go in them..

My thoughts are on bathrooms right now. I recently moved into a glorious Edwardian flat. I love the high ceilings, the huge entance hall and the vestibule (hey! I’ve got a vestibule!). The tiny kitchen and bathroom, however, are odd-shaped 1930 add-ons (the word extension give both spaces too much credit).  Both are rooted in the 1970s, and not in a good way, so both have to go.

I don’t do baths anymore – arthritis rather than style – and, for that reason, I’ve decided to  convert the dated beige bathroom into a watery green-and-cream wet room. I’m very lucky to have found an imaginative wet room expert who is future-proofing everything he does. For example,  he has just sent back an ordered shower fitting because the temperature control is a dial and he suggest that in 10 years time I might prefer an easier-to-use lever. His attidue is So, come on! let’s fit one now.

Everyihing is sorted down to to the non-slip kind-to-bare-feet floor covering to the underfloor heating …I’m in safe hands: all the important decisions have been made.

So, my thoughts naturally turn to bathroom accessories.
What’s out there? What’s cool?
This is what I’ve come up with:

Cotton bud holders. Who knew they existed but yes, I’ve decided I no longer want clear plastic tubs spilling their contents over the bathroom floor. And an injection of humouris no bad thing.
These are from the wonderfully stylish Italian designer Alessi. The cost is £21.50 and there’s no doubt it’s a frivolous buy, but I bet you’ll smile each time you reach for it. You can order online here
cotton bud holders

They also have a specially designed container for cotton wool pads. There isn’t so much to smile at, but they certainly keep everything neat.   You can order it HERE for £20.50

cotton wool pads


However, I really, really want one of these Alessie toilet brushes.I know  £36 is a lot to pay for a brush to clean the toilet, but I still love it. It also comes in red and orange.
See it in all its glory HERE
toliet brush

Much cheaper, but I guess even less essential, are these fun bathroom decals. Great if your space isn’t fully tiled. these matt vinyl wall stickers can be arranged any way you want. They come in two sizes and a huge range of colours from gold to apple green. You can buy them for £9.95 + shipping through ETSY here

bubbles decals

I  love the colours of these large soap dispensers which are upcycled Don Julio tequila bottles (750 ml)  They have been stained with a special glass paint that has been fired in a kiln so it is baked on permanently and dishwasher safe. They are also available on ETSY at £27.52 plus shipping. tequlia soap dispenser

On a more practical level, I like this birch storage stool from IKEA. I don’t have room for one, but it might be the perfect place to store toilet rols and cut your toe nails…It costs just v£25.

ikea storage stool
Wish me luck  with my bathroom. At the  moment it looks like this and is sans bath, sans toilet, sans sink, sans mirror…sans colour.

Bridget's bathroom before

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