The tulip fields of Holland have their roots in a 500 year old economic disaster – Thursday Travel Picture

The tulip fields probably don’t look quite like this yet as in a normal year the height of the season is the last two weeks in April and the first week of May.  You can use the Flower Calendar to check what is blooming where. For example, on April 23rd you can cycle through the biggest, uninterrupted flower bulb area in the world at the Head of North-Holland (bring your own bike).
Tulip mania took over in Holland in the 17th century, not long after they were introduced into the country from the Ottoman Empire. In the 1630s prices for an individual bulb rose to incredible levels – in some cases to over 3000 guilders at a time when a skilled craftsman could expect to earn just 300 a year. Fortunes were lost when prices fell and the economic disaster has been compared to the dot com bubble of the early 21st century. It has, however, left a beautiful legacy. ….

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