Celebrate Finland’s 100th birthday and stay in one of these extraordinary places…

I’ve heard so much about the people and the staggering beauty of Finland I long to experience it for myself. And as it is celebrating its 100th year of independence in 2017, this is a very good year to visit.

Here are the three places I’d like to stay – in order

Suspended in a tent in the most ecologically friendly site in the world
Camping Finland

Tentsiles, Nuuksio National Park, Espoo

This looks incredible and it is a way of immersing yourself in the Finnish natural world not far from Helsinki. Visitors can swim in Nuuksio Long Lake, hang out at the private beach at the Eco Camp, hike through magnificent rocky hills or visit the Finnish Nature Centre. The Tentsile
Experience Eco Camp will be open from 01 June – 30 September, 2017. Prices start at €150 per night for a 2 person Connect Tentsile tree tent. The price includes sleeping bags, towels, breakfast at Restaurant Haltia, tickets to exhibitions at the Finnish Nature Centre, campfire firewood, bottled water and an eco toilet. On darker summer nights a Luminaid solar lamp will also be provided. Find out more HERE

According to Holiday Weather the average day temperatures from June to September range from 10 C/50 F to 17 C/63 F

It looks great fun, but this would be my third choice what with my dodgy knees and all…

Combine the magnificent outdoors with central heating and hot and cold running water

artic tree house

From nest-like suites perched among the trees you can get a real feel for the Land of the Midnight Sun in comfort. I imagine that staying at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is also wonderful for photographers as there are spectacular views to be had. Ten minutes by car from the centre of Rovaniemi, the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is close to many of Lapland’s other attractions such as SantaPark.

Rooms start at €299 per night for two guests inclusive of full buffet breakfast and Wi-Fi. (www.santaparkarcticworld.com/arctic-treehouse-hotel / +358 505 176 909)

I would love to visit – and take my granddaughter – but as much as I like my creature comforts it has to come second to…

Snow Village

snow village

How cool is this! (Sorry, I just had to write it). But it is cool in every 21st century meaning of the word.

I’m told that sleeping at SnowVillage is surprisingly cosy, but I want it for the sheer magic created every winter with 20 million kilograms of snow and 350,000 kilograms of crystal clear ice. To add to the wonder, illuminated snow and ice art is displayed in every suite.

You don’t just get to sleep here. You can have dinner at the Ice Restaurant or order a drink ‘on the rocks’ at the Ice Bar.How cool is…ok, I’ll stop.

Prices for the Snow Hotel Suite, which accommodates up to four people, start at €420 per night. The price includes a guided tour of the SnowVillage with sleepover instructions, high quality sleeping bags and fleece lining bags, room wake up with hot berry juice and buffet breakfast inside the warm log restaurant. You also get a diploma to commemorate your overnight stay. I want one!

Tempted? Find out more HERE


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