Luxury and Hostel are two words that don’t go together, but I might change my mind….

First, I’d like to introduce you to a travel blog that I’ve just come across. Budget Traveller is an impressive site (and no prizes for guessing the main focus). It is run by Kash, an award winning travel blogger who says he has been travelling in style on a budget for seven years.
Now for that luxury hostel….
Budget Traveller have recentky featured ECOMAMA, sited in the middle of  Amsterdam and if you are on a budget a central location is very important. It’s a few minutes walk from the Waterlooplein flea market and the Jewish Museum, 15 minutes from the Dam, and two metro stops from Central Station.
The Budget Traveller says that there are seven different types of rooms, catering for all types of travellers on all kinds of budgets. They range from the Double Private Deluxe  and Double Private  Superior (which both have ensuite facilities) costing 75 euro for tomorrow night (January 30 2017) to the El Cheapo 12 person dorm at 18 euro.

I may be resistant to the idea of an hostel – been there, done that – but I do like the sound of the Teepee Tent.

…they show movies: a mix of old-time classics to sci-fi and rom-coms. Hostel staff are happy to offer you popcorn. During the day the teepee is a place to relax and chill with a book

Read the rest of the blog post HERE

ECOMAMA’s website

If you like the idea, and I’m still not sure, The Budget Traveller has put together a guide of European luxury hostels in the following countries.


Have you moved beyond hostels? Or do you still love them?


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