Brighton celebrates the shortest day of the year with Burning of the Clocks

Every year Brighton marks the Winter Solstice on December 21st  with an unique festival of light and art. Around 2000 people parade through the city with extraordinary white lanterns made from tissue paper and willow canes. At the end the lanterns are set on fire in a huge beach bonfire and the coming year is ushered in with music and fireworks.


DON’T bring your own lantern (shop bought or homemade).  SameSky, the leading arts charity which runs the event on a shoestring, hold workshops and sell kits – the result is dynamic communal art which is also safe. They check every single lantern before it goes on parade.

DO bring the children. It’s magical and free.

burning-of-the-clocks-2WHERE TO SEE IT ON WEDNESDAY

The parade starts at 6.30pm and arrives at Madeira Drive around 7.15pm, when lanterns are passed onto the bonfire and the fireshow begins. The event finishes at around 8pm.

Find a place along the route to watch. It starts in New Street in the centre of town – a short walk from the station – goes through North Street, Ship Street, East Street and then onto the seafront and along to Madeira Drive for the finale.

You can watch the beach fireshow from Madeira Drive and the Upper Terrace on Marine Parade and there will be a designated viewing area for spectators with a disability , allocated on a first come first served basis.


This year for the first time there is an after beach party of live music and DJs hosted by Juice. Tickets cost £5 early bird and £10.

For more information about the party and everything else check out the facebook page

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