Mexican Street Art for Day of the Dead

I took most of these photographs in Zaachilia, Oaxaca

This one is a parody of Grant Wood’s American Gothic.


These two are more traditional – love the way they have incorporated the wall dials into the first image. I think this building is a distillery.


I also like the way the artist uses the whole wall – doors and windows included – as part of his/her canvas



La Calavera Catrina (below) is on the pavement on the street leading to the cemetary. She is made out of flower heads, chalk and coloured sawdust. Many are created by indivudals but other seem to have been produced by organised groups such as the local police force which is controlled by the constitutional city government. The People’s Government are in charge of collecting business taxes and other services. They city has had two  parallel (and oposing) governments since 2006.
I presume Est 34  has political significance – anyone know?


The meaning behind these two, however, is clear.









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