The strongest cup of coffee in the world…

….is supposed to be served at Viscous Coffee at Christies Beach  in Adelaide, Australia and is the caffeine equivalent of 80 standard cups of  run-of-the-mill-everyday coffee.

It is called the Asskicker by its inventor, the cafe owner Steve Benington, who says he first made it for an accident and emergency nurse who needed to stay awake. It contains five grams of caffeine – a single espresso has about 60mg – and should be sipped gradually over three to four hours. (It’s an iced coffee.)


There’s also a small commerical brand of very, very, very strong coffee in New York state called Death Wish that claims to makes the strongest in the world. It was a tiny operation until February 2016 when it won a small business competition to advertise during Super Bowl. The result made their profits and production soar. They now sell online, but I don’t think they ship internationally, yet.

Fancy trying it?

Safe doses of caffeine for adults are usually given as around 400  milligrams, – that’s only two to four cups of coffee per day, depending how it’s made. Too much can cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, stomach upsets, abnormally fast erratic heartbeat, muscle tremors, and in severe cases, seizures and death.

I’ve found an online caffeine calculator that will use your weight and the kind of caffeine you drink, including soft drinks, to work out what your daily limit should be. My caffeine drink of choice is black tea and I can drink 13.6 cups a day but only 3.3 cups of brewed coffee.

It hasn’t got The Asskicker or Death Wish on its list – I imagine the results might go off the scale.


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