The three most important questions you’ve always wanted to ask about flying (possibly)

What happens when lightning strikes a plane?
Not a lot. It happens to most planes about  twice a year. There might be a flash and/or a bang but usually the only evidence is a small mark the size of a cigarette burn noticed by ground crew when the plane has landed



What are the best clothes to wear flying?
Layers – air conditioning on board can make you cold even if you are flying from one hot country to another. Pashminas are always a good idea: men might have to opt for sweathers. However, layers can be a problem when you’re going through security as you will probably need to peel most of them off, so don’t over do it.
Slip on shoes – you may need to take them off when going through security checks before you board and you might want to slip them off at some point if you are on a long haul flight.
Leather trousers and tight jeans
Lots of jewellery
Clothes decorated with studs, zips and other bits of metal


Why is there a small hole at the bottom of a plane’s window?
It’s called a breather or bleed hole and stops condensation forming between the outer and the inner windows (there are three in all).
The pane we can touch is the weakest. It’s job is to make sure that we passengers don’t do anything to damage the real windows which are essential parts of the aeroplane’s structure.

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