Wanted: Northern Lights monitor in the Arctic Circle

Ever wanted to try something completely new? Leave  your usual routine?  This rather unusual job in Finland might appeal….(translation by Google Translate)

Arctic Snow Hotel Lilla leaves 9. winter season and once again we miss the team gain Energize customer service with a variety of tasks. Aurora Borealis monitor work at 23.00 -. 6.30. Guide ropes can begin even earlier in the evening. Requires knowledge of English and staying awake. The Northern Lights are also a good recognize. 🙂 If you feel sopivasi also as a guide, waiter, aamiaistarjoilijaksi, receptionist or a cook, Take a little contact. For us, the most important thing is not what schools you have visited, but what you can do, what you are good at and what you’re willing to learn. Attitude counts!

The working hours are 37 per week and the season starts in December and ends in March-April.


Work can begin earlier if muscle strength and fitness can be found in the snow the construction period. CVs and applications to info@arcticsnowhotel.fi.

The Arctic Snow Hotel is located on Lehto Lake, 27 kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi. They say they can’t organise “employee housing” which means you’d have to find your own place to stay which would need to be nice and quiet during your off hours and that might not be easy, especially if you don’t speak Finish. .

Having said that, this job could be a great addition to your CV whatever you decided to do afterwards….It’s almost bound to ensure a job interview because no prospective employer would turn up the chance to meet an ex-northern lights monitor …


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