Could this 40 bedroom castle be your dream home?

Need more room?  The last castle to have been built in Scotland could be the answer. It offered a sanctury to the Norwegian Royal family in World War II and recently it’s been a youth hostel. Now it’s on the market.

scottish castle

There is some work to be done, but a lot of money has already been spent according to Savills, the Edinbugh estate agent, and the pictures on their website seem to bear this out. Sixteen acres of land come with the castle and it is surrounded by breathtaking views, although one downside is that, as it is located in the Scottish Highlands, 50+ miles north of Inverness, some might feel it is a little remote. But that doesn’t mean it is cut off.

Scottish castle 1

Apparently, the nearest railway station is within walking distance and there is a primary school in the village…
All this for offers over £900,000.
And as well as 40 bedrooms you get:  a billard room, a ballroom, a great hall and a library. There’s also a minstrels’ gallery…but you probably guessed that.


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