What do our summer holiday habits say about our national identity?

Looking at last year’s figures, Trivago the hotel comparision website, have tried to work out if anything marks the British, Irish, German, Italian, Spanish and French apart.

When we book
All nationalities book their summer holidays late. Very late. The British and Irish searched earliest (last week of July), while the French and Italians searched latest (second week of August).

And all nationalities prefer to search on Monday evening with the only difference being in time – the UK searches earliest (8-9pm), with the Spanish and Italians searching latest (10-11pm).

What we are prepared to pay
UK users are willing to spend the most on their hotel room, with an average clicked price of £150 per night. Spanish users proved to be the most frugal, spending an average of just £96 per night for their summer holiday. I wonder if those figures will be the same this summer – it’s a year of uncertainity.

Favourite accommodation
Irish, UK and German users prefer hotels, while Spanish opt for aparthotels, Italians for B&Bs and French for holiday homes.

Favourite hotel type
This is a toss-up between the city and the beach break, with UK, Irish, French and German users preferring city-centre hotels and Spanish and Italians choosing beach hotels.

Top destination
In general, this is the capital city of the country in question, with the exception of Spain  where Benidorm is their top destination (still?) and Italy (Rimini is their top destination).

Most important amenity
Irish, UK and French users want WiFi more than anything else, Italians go for an onsite spa and the Spanish were opting for a Jacuzzi in 2015.


So, what does that say about UK holidaymakers? That we don’t want to be far from a computer screen or a decent latte and would rather not rough it…Does that sound like me? Yes, it probably does but I took Trivago’s quiz and apparently I travel like the French. C’est la vie!

You can try the quiz HERE

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