Will leaving the EC mean higher air fares?

for migrant workers, once this is imposed, presumably British citizens may face similar restrictions, or at least more bureaucratic obstacles when we we want to work in the EU.

9. What will happen to beach pollution?

A big EU success has been the requirement for ever higher standards of bathing water quality, and the shaming countries which were not meeting them. Over the last 25 years, Britain in particular has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of beaches polluted by raw sewage. Much of the good work has been done, but there are still areas where improvement is needed. Is that more or less likely to happen now there will no longer be pressure and publicity from the EU? Your guess is as good as mine.

10. Back to duty free?

We lost the right to buy duty free when travelling to or from another EU country back in 1999. But we gained the right to bring home virtually unlimited amounts of duty paid goods from EU countries. Those who like to stock up with wine when returning from France, for example, have profited handsomely – duty on wine in France is 23p per 750ml, compared with £2.08 in the UK.

Now that we are leaving the EU, presumably we will revert to the same arrangements which apply to all other countries. We will have a duty free allowance of 200 cigarettes, 16 litres of beer and four litres of wine, and above that we will have to pay £2 for each bottle we bring home.

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