International Book Givaway! All you have to do is follow…

AT A GENTLE PACE is about a month old now and I’d like to offer the chance of winning my bestselling guide to creative writing to anyone who follows this blog.

If I get lots of follows I’ll make more copies available so the odds of winning feel fair. I can’t give you a figure on that because I have no idea how to do the maths, but I hate the giveaways where you have the same chance of winning as being struck by lightning while walking your pet albino leopard through the streets of Runcorn (or any town you’ve never visited and have no intention of doing so).

Adding more copies to the pot means you can share this post with a light heart because you won’t have weakened your own chance of winning.

I should add that because of the cost of postage I can only send paperback copies to readers with a UK address, everyone else will get the ebook edition

Back to Creative Writing School 30

Ah! But is it worth winning?

Here’s what some novelists thought:

…it really feels as though you have the best kind of supportive teacher by your side, Kate Harrison, author of The Secret Shopper, Boot Camp and The 5:2 Diet Book

It’s more than a writer’s handbook – it’s a book which anyone could read and if they did they would probably find their pleasure in words and the world  heightened.
Lizzie Enfield, author of What You Don’t Know and Uncoupled

… Whether you’re a novice or a published writer the exercises in this book will educate, inspire and delight you. Guaranteed to beat writers’ block!
Cally Taylor, author of Heaven Can Wait, Home for Christmas and Secrets and Rain. As CL Taylor, author of The Accident, Missing

One exercise triggered a sudden rush of character development for my third novel: a pivotal moment akin to falling in love.
Dr Naomi Foyle, poet and novelist

It’s had over 100 reviews (I’d like to say with 80% five star rating but I’m worried about the maths again. Let’s just say a big majority.)

Here’s my favourite from Amazon UK
… written in a non-preachy sort of way, her advice is easily digested but with enough zest and sparkle that it doesn’t sound like you’ve heard it all before. Nothing like the dry martini of some other instructionals but more the literary equivalent of a smooth mango daiquiri with lychee twist. Particuarly enjoyed the chapter entitled “THE HORROR! THE HORROR! on writing ghost stories.

And from Amazon US
Some excellent exercises…Just what I needed to get my mind working on writing. A must read if you’re stuck and need a prompt to bring the words out of you and onto the page.

The giveaway will end on 12 midnight GMT Tuesday May 3rd.

Please tweet, share, jump up and down with your hands in the air…but, most of all, please follow.


8 thoughts on “International Book Givaway! All you have to do is follow…

  1. Made a decison – anyone who is following my blog by midnight May 3rd has a chance of winning a book. That includes the twenty something wonderful people who had the good judgement to follow it before the giveaway was annouced….


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