Be honest, are you picky?

Plate of unknown food
Do you think broccoli is disgusting? Does the picture above make you uncomfortable? Is the one below a lot more reassuring?
Here’s advice from a self-confessed fussy eater on how to travel to exotic places  without starving or losing your friends. Click HERE
giant tray of chips

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The 10 best countries to eat in the world – as voted by CNN facbook visitors.

A list dominated by Asia, only two European countries appear in the Top 10 but you might be surprised to discover the country that won by a big margin. (Clue: it’s an island)
Find out HERE

The strangest desserts…

You’ve heard of  the three bird roast? It’s where a guinea fowl is stuffed into a chicken which is stuffed into a turkey or some variation on that theme. An LA restaurant does the same with apple, cherry, and pumpkin pie. Cream cheese frosting seals each layer and the pies are then all baked inside a massive spice cake.
A bakery in Philadelphia has come up with its own version: the Pumpple Cake. It consists of layers of apple and pumpkin pie and a ton of buttercream frosting. It’s at 1,800 calories per slice…and, I don’t know, it might just be worth it. Once.
View the the slideshow HERE and judge for yourself

The Ivy in London re-opens

Thanks to The Food and Travel magazine we can pop inside the iconic restaurant in London’s West End known for its plain, wholesome food. I rather like the bar stools and the leaded windows. It’s recently been refurbished and I  suppose the look is cosy  rather than cutting edge.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer
When I lived in London more than a decade ago, it was one of those restaurants where you went to be seen. You got a table much more quickly if you were a name (days, even weeks earlier than the rest of us) and I imagine that’s still true. It has the look and feel of a club that I’ll never belong to and there is actually a private members club in the rest of the building. Membership is by invitation only.
By the way, I’ve just checked and their signature dish – shepherd’s pie – costs £17.75 which isn’t at all bad.
Read the article HERE





5 thoughts on “Be honest, are you picky?

    1. Hmm…it depends what you are comparing it to: I live in Brighton and would expect to pay between £12 and £20 for a main course in a superior restaurant and £7 to £15 elsewhere. Having said that I ate the best burger of my life last week for £7 at Trolls’ Pantry.
      But you are paying for more than a meal. Included in the price is the iconic status of The Ivy and the chance that you could spot a celebrity. Is it worth it? I’ve never been to The Ivy but sometimes it is. I’m glad I’ve had a bellini in Harry’s Bar in Venice where it was invented (but given the price I wasn’t going to have two…)
      Recent Tripadvisor reviews suggest that the food at The Ivy is great quality (
      I’ve found this American website which lists the most expensive restaraunts in London and it makes eye-watering reading.

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      1. Yes, it’s all relative. I lived in London from birth to 2008 and we’re now in Crete so I’m very much out of touch. One is certainly paying for the cachet attached to The Ivy. I once tried to get in with a friend but unsuccessfully. I used to get very good sausage and mash at a good price at the now defunct Macready’s when meeting fellow actors. And with friends who were members of Grouchos, I used to have some excellent lunches – but then I was always paid for! Back to my cheap dolmades in Crete.


  1. Just checked and Shepherd’s Pie at the Groucho Club is £13 (but you have to be a member or guest of a member). Wonder if we should use shepherd’s pie as a yardstick of affordability or the regional equivalent (such as dolmands). Make us envious – just how cheap is cheap?

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